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We offer high calorific alternative energy solutions with technical support

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The new generation of Alternative Fuel 

The concept of Alternative or waste derived fuels is not new. Caltech Energy is one of the first companies to commercial produce high calorific material to exchange petcokes. In the last years, we have been pioneering the development of high-quality alternative fuels, which are able to substitute up to 100% fossil fuels. This not only results in cheaper production costs, the major benefit from a reduction of CO2 emissions.

Cement is considered one of the most important building materials around the world. 

Cement production is an energy-intensive process consuming thermal energy of the order of 3.3 GJ/tonne of clinker produced. Electrical energy consumption is about 90 – 120 kWh/tonne of cement. Historically, the primary fuel used in cement industry is coal. A wide range of other fuels such as gas, oil, liquid waste materials, solid waste materials and petroleum coke have all been successfully used as sources of energy for firing cement-making kilns, either on their own or in various combinations. 

The cement manufacturing industry is also under increasing pressure to reduce emissions. Cement manufacturing releases a lot of emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx)


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TDF, Tireshreds

Tire shreds  

High calorific tire shreds based on request, limited availability


Alternative Fuel


Bitucoke as alternative fuel is the perfect material with a calorific value of more than 27 MJ/KG


FLUFF Alternative fuels


Carpet Fluff

Together with several international partners we offer carpet fluff as a alternative fuel

             We bind knowledge with a group of            specialized companies.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development explains: “Selected waste and by-products with recoverable calorific value can be used as fuels in a cement kiln, replacing a portion of conventional fossil fuels, like coal, if they meet strict specifications. Sometimes they can only be used after pre-processing to provide ‘tailor-made’ fuels for the cement process.”

RDF has many facets, meaning it can be further specified into TDF (Tyre Derived Fuels), SRF (Solid Recovered Fuels) and AF (Alternative Fuels).

Caltech treats waste to upgrade it into a valuable alternative resource. Several industries use alternative raw materials and fuels to reduce their costs and to operate in a more environmentally friendly way.


The professional team from Caltech is available and standing by every day to provide their services to our clients in terms of logistics, legislations, quality and research and development.



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